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Road Races

5k | Half Marathon | Marathon | Other
Sunday, June 7, 8:00 AM
Sunday, August 30, 12:00 PM

Group Runs

We meet at the NW corner of Kessler's parking lot. Saturday runs are usually 5 to 8 miles. Pace varies.
Saturday, April 4, 6:00 AM
We meet at the NW corner of Kessler's parking lot. NORMALLY, we do 5 mile laps throughout beautiful Aberdeen. We start 7 am. Some runners start early (6 am) and return by 7 am and will join the 7 am group. Please email for early start times. If 5 miles is too far, there are several short cuts available. Pace varies and we invite runners of all ability levels. We can run with anyone unless you run faster than we can.
Sunday, April 5, 7:00 AM
Wednesday, December 31, 4:00 PM
Wednesday, December 31, 4:00 PM
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